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The skills of the members of the Firm are organized in order to preserve the traditional personal relationship of reliability professional-client relationship, person or firm that is, with the help of an institution that brings out the various skills, providing assistance to its customers in various areas of civil, criminal and international.

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Surely the family law is a law that should be applied very carefully and with great preparation by the professional who carries out his work in the area field, applying diligence and skill to know all the legal and psychological dynamics including to family problems.

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We are a international criminal defense law firm - criminal lawyers specializing in cases of extraditions, drug trafficking, economic - financial crimes, computer and criminal problems in general. We have offices in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Uk, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Usa, Switzerland and 25 other countries. Our criminal lawyers are expert in offering the criminal emergency service for criminal offenses in the jurisprudence of each country, we can assist you in all European countries: Contact us now.


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