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The right/obligation to maintain, educate, their children is up to both parents who can easily apply the decisions deemed most appropriate for the child during the period in which the latter living with the parent.

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This suggests that in the period in which the child lives with one parent, the latter will apply all the conclusions of "business as usual", but for all those conclusions will be of greater importance due to the intervention of both parents.

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The legitimate expectation that undoubtedly exerts a kind of cooperation between the parents and a sense of responsibility that too often turns out to be incomplete in practice. In reality there is a continuous and relentless condition of hostility between the parents do not allow to apply the daily choices easier and interest in the child or even worse, those of greater importance, with the danger of excessively affect the psychological sphere of the child and to prevent the activities of the courts, through frequent appeals to the Judge, directed at resolving conflict and controversy every tiny parents.

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Among the clients of the law firm is cataloging important Italian and multinational companies that invest and control the environmental, public administrations and private entities.

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