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A term not well known, at least by most of the employees of Italian companies, is bullying. One wonder is indicated by this term. The term bullying behaviors in the workplace that make for an unpleasant person to work. Continuing to take such behavior, allusions, or even worse actions that offend a person is an action that in recent years, unfortunately, is increasing.

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The number of cases that are presented to any law firm labor law London is increasing, reflecting the fact that employees have decided to no longer tolerate such situations. Employers, superiors or department heads are increasingly value their position to harass other people.

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Humiliation may be imposed both to people of the same sex, but also to individuals of the opposite sex. What is the most frequent case. Allusions, behavior that is offensive to those who suffer, and that have consequences that have an impact from the point of view, as well as physical.

The most important are the size, the removal of unjustified bonus at work, or benefits within the company where you work without a valid reason.

In these situations the wisest choice on your part will be to contact a law firm labor law Paris - Milan. Many time ago it was brought to say nothing of such behavior for fear of judgment of other people, in recent times it’s changed.

The workers, thanks to the great work done by the law firm of information labor law Rome have realized that it is their right to try to stop the abuses to which they are subjected. The results obtained by Solicitors in cases of "bullying" are today the best advertising campaign for similar cases.

Not to mention that they are also an excellent deterrent for any misconduct on the others part. The law firm of employment law London will always be able to find the best solution to your problem. Not only we will offer the best remedies to solve any kind of need, but you will find the remedies that will be offered also very affordable.

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By way of example are given some specific activities carried out under the labor law: transfers of business, staff reductions, collective redundancies; brokerage and contract labor, disciplinary proceedings and sanctions appeal, diseases, accidents and damages sheet; individual dismissals and appeals, claim higher qualifications and salary differences, discrimination and bullying, working hours, change of duties, improper removal, dismissal of the manager; Protection of women and labor relations, trade union law and interpretation of collective agreements; reports with the social security institutions; opposition to tax bills INPS, INAIL etc..; drafting employment contracts including managers, work completed, project work, part-time procedures for the management of the control instruments and electronic mail; drafting of particular clauses, covenants not competition.

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