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L outrage is governed by Chapter II of the Criminal Code, which deals with crimes Honor. The outrage in the criminal area, the offense are alleged and regulated of the Penal Code which provides: Whoever in Italy insults the honor or the status of an individual mind is punished by imprisonment of up to six months or a fine of up to a maximum of 516 euro. Is subject to the same sanction those who commit the crime by telegraph or telephone instruments, or processed, or graphic representations, addressed to the individual affected.

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Italy- The penalty consists in imprisonment for up to one year or fine up to € 1032, if the injury consists in the indictment of an established fact. The penalties are higher if the offense occurs in the presence of many individuals.

The lack Relief is a crime against the individual, and in particular on the life and integrity of the person. This law aims to strengthen the values of solidarity. It is an unlawful omission specific, for which the law punishes is not had adopted a behavior considered mandatory, regardless of by the occurrence of the above episode consequential lack.

In Italy-Article 593 of the Penal Code establishes two different possibilities: in the first paragraph is equivalent to the omission failure early warning authority that they have found a less than ten years, or the person unable to care for himself repudiated or dispersed.

The word in the law, "finding" refers to meet the subject in an emergency situation, contact through a concrete and real, only a minority of the relevant case law holds that it is the mere knowledge of the event. The distinction made between expulsion and loss presume discretion whether or not the individual who has the obligation to custody of the child.

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In the second paragraph of the said article, the omission punishable is not to help or to alert the authorities to have found a body apparently unconscious or bruised or an individual who needs care. But the two constraints notification or intervention does not allow the possibility of adopting a change in behavior since the burden of notifying the Authority shall be valid only if you do not have the ability to give real support.

These duties, however, are not valid in the event that an individual cannot provide relief because of its age or its unsuitable requirements. The legislation was recently amended by Law 72/2003, on the one hand proceeds to an intensification of sanctions, but on the other tends to escape the Justice of the Peace s authority in this regard.

The escalation of this penal provision arising from potential personal injury: the punishment is greater art. 64 č.p. where the conduct of criminal omission causes damage, and death in the event the individual is at risk punishment has intensified.

The Law Firm acts both on the court than out of the court for the benefit of individuals injured in practice and / or physically from road accidents, and drivers that persons on board.

Biological damage, bodily, ethical, life, damage to the disappearance of relatives, damage of assets.

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Processes for reimbursement of damages as opposed to private insurance companies.

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