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The damage to be compensated, however, can also connect to the infringements of rights other than health, such as, personal dignity, the right to self-determination, the right to information, the right not to suffer, and yet, the right to oblivion.

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The tables are subject to customization and are not binding on the judge. The firm always offers a service of legal advice and assistance to both judicial and extra-judicial in that context, for the proper assessment of biological damage and the resulting set of claims.

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The law firm that has gained considerable experience in prestigious American and British professional specialists in international law. Today the firm is nourished by capable staff who are distinguished by their expertise, personal skills and their work, combined with that of independent partners, both Italian and foreign that contribute to delivering an excellent service of legal advice and assistance, both judicial and road legal in the major areas of law, particularly in the area of international law and business law.

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The law firm works with other professionals to provide advice on contractual and contractual sales, agricultural tenancies, sales in various capacities of agricultural land, farms, and farm shares and transfer of land in society.

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The firm in fact wants to offer a full and constant legal assistance. The Law Firm stands as its primary objective the identification of practical and efficient solutions than personal needs. This sector of consultancy IS relating to: national and international transport of goods by sea, air, rail and land.

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We are a international criminal defense law firm - criminal lawyers specializing in cases of extraditions, drug trafficking, economic - financial crimes, computer and criminal problems in general. We have offices in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Uk, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Usa, Switzerland and 25 other countries. Our criminal lawyers are expert in offering the criminal emergency service for criminal offenses in the jurisprudence of each country, we can assist you in all European countries: Contact us now.


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