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The criminal defense Law Firm, which is located in London, Rome – Milan Italy, authoritative and active for more than ten years in the area, is an assistance on judicial and extra-judicial disputes, with particular attention to criminal justice and private offers, in addition to the control of parliament activities, in the context of an agreement, as well as other advice its customers need.

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The Firm not provides only a contribution to the business and home stationery of London, consulting in the area of Criminal, private, administration and labor law, recovery of assets, Money Damages, for the drafting of agreements and regulations, but also offers an activity of day supervision on new laws and government in the areas that affect your company recognizing the benefits that can be derived, as well economic, and highlighting the potential pitfalls or the conclusions submitted.

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Criminal personnel protection. Compiling documents concerning the notification / complaint, the institution of civil advice during the process, cancellation or substitution of individual preventive measures, cancellation of precautionary measures concrete of Review, waivers of denunciative acts, objections to questions of storage, surveys precautionary , appeals, requests for cassation court supervision, withdrawal hearing, preventive measures and individual assets.

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-Rape Law
-Drug Charges supply
-Child abduction
-Sexual Harassment
-Drug trafficking
-Personal corporate insolvency

Criminal commercial and corporate Law, bankruptcy, special characters, fraud, cheating, dishonest competition, breach of corporate privacy, forgery. Criminal Law in the area of urban planning and the environment. Illegal construction, assignment of irregular limits landscaped.

Public Administration. Extortion, contamination, abuse of office, theft, forgery etc. Criminal work, protection at work, accidents and professional diseases. Penal and road accidents. Damage or deaths from road accidents. Criminal family, family offenses, harassment, abuse of corrective or disciplinary methods, failure costs to support the family. Guilt employment, injury or death for professional liability - healthcare.

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We are a international criminal defense law firm - criminal lawyers specializing in cases of extraditions, drug trafficking, economic - financial crimes, computer and criminal problems in general. We have offices in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Uk, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Usa, Switzerland and 25 other countries. Our criminal lawyers are expert in offering the criminal emergency service for criminal offenses in the jurisprudence of each country, we can assist you in all European countries: Contact us now.


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