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The amount of maintenance in favor of the spouse which is not chargeable of separation should be determined not only in relation to the income of the spouse obliged, but to all his possessions, including tangible assets unproductive of income, which , serve as a reference for determining the content of the obligation of each spouse to contribute to the needs of the family.

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In the area of family law and in the legal area often family and divorce terms are treated as synonyms; indeed, there is no accepted definition approved and stating that it is the figure of the marriage Solicitor. In practice, a Solicitor speaks concerning the wedding and the person who works and focuses with the utmost seriousness and thoroughness issues to family law and children, addressing issues that are sensitive and important: separation, shared custody, divorce, the allocation of the marital home, adoption, disclaimer of paternity, child support, divorce post the check, the charge separation, the correction of the separation conditions, the correction of the conditions of divorce, family business, stalking, etc..

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Despite an obligation under the old Article 155, although there is no specific policy on the assignment of priority, the most obvious hypothesis was the exclusive of custody to the mother. This did not mean that, in principle, the judge could appeal to the institution of shared foster even if in practice the sole custody was the best idea adopted.

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The firm gives essential assistance and legal expertise of such court, where the firm believes conclusively as consistent means for a rapid and effective justice.


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