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The Italian government reacts to the offenses relating to the illegal trafficking of drugs with unique stiffness. There are heavy penalties for anyone caught or while you are doing the criminal act, or who is holding drugs, without specific distinctions between those who have and who sells, effectively equalizing the two conditions and without distinguishing the type of substance. Drugs- amount MEDIA in possession: Consumption and Sales

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A government commission formed by 11 experts, has developed a table which specifically defines the maximum amount of drug that can be possessed, calculated on the average ration Single (dms), or the presence of a given amount of active elements in each assumption that generates an individual who already uses them usually a result of narcotic or altering.

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The maximum amount in possession (QMD), quantified as milligrams of active elements and the relative number of rations / assumptions, changes according to the type of substance. For heroin, in fact, the QMD is 250 mg of active elements, equal to 10 rations; for cocaine is 750 mg, or five rations, and for cannabis is 500 mg, equivalent to 15-20 cigarettes cannabis. The factor that creates the distinction between personal use and trafficking is related clearly to all the drugs most commonly used in UK.

For ecstasy the QMD, at the level of active ingredient, is 750 mg, equal to five pads; for amphetamine is 500 mg equivalent to five rations, where for LSD speaks of three "doses", including the 0 , 15 of active elements as QMD.

Given the new laws regarding drugs, therefore, who is found in detention of a number of substances that do not exceed the limits set by the government table is only subjected to administrative penalties, which may be the withdrawal of the driving license or passport, or the administrative block of the vehicle.

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