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How do I apply for consensual division? The demand for separation by mutual agreement must be submitted to the ordinary civil court where there was the last residence of the spouses. By delivery of the application signed by both spouses (which can be defended both by a single Solicitor) asks the President of the Court s opportunity to set the session for the presentation of the spouses before the President acting the Court (the so-called presidential hearing).

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Validate. As the agreement signed by the spouses on the division may be valid it needs to be approved by the Court hearing the case. Therefore, an agreement between the spouses without validation does not give rise to anything other than a simple separation of fact, devoid of legal outcomes.

What kind of documents must be accompanied by: 1. Extract of Marriage (issued by the municipality of the place of celebration) Use separation 2. Documents of residence of both spouses use separation 3. Family status of both spouses use separation 4. Payment of the contribution Unified . What happens when the agreement contains arrangements contrary to the law? The agreement of the spouses in relation to the custody and maintenance of children.

The decision of consensual separation is certainly a faster way and that means less economic difficulties especially to put an end to the marital union. This is based primarily on the understanding of the spouses which is expressed before the Court.

The time it takes to negotiate a consensual separation (i.e. the time between the filing of the application and the approval of the Court) varies between 3 to 5 months, compared with a period of time definitely longer (2-3 years) to achieve a separation of judicial type.

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In addition, in the event of a division court time may be further extended by including hypothetical appeal or appeal in cassation. Passed three years from the date of separation you can start the procedure to obtain a divorce.

In this case, the decision of divorce joint narrows plenty of time and the cost of practice.

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