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The separation of the spouses may be consensual or judicial. Decide for a consensual separation is for sure the fastest and most economical way to put an end to the marital union.

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This is an agreement between the spouses that is written in a special act (action) before the competent Court.

The agreement of the spouses is enshrined in an application (called request for consensual separation), which must be singled out the conditions under which the couple plan to separate. We refer specifically to intended allocation of the marital home, child custody, and rules of the housing of the same ratio, the sum to be given periodically eventually to the weaker spouse.

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For separation by mutual consent some courts allow the parties to continue personally without the aid of a Solicitor. But usually, we resort to a Solicitor. The couple will have a Solicitor that decides to take support from a single Solicitor who must fill out an application placing itself in a position of impartiality and equidistance in order not to favor any of his spouses.

It’s important to note, if the negotiations for an action for separation by mutual agreement fail, the Solicitor who has followed both spouses will have to abandon the mandate in respect of both. The action for separation by mutual agreement is signed by both spouses, and must be filed with the Court suitable for entry to the role.

Spouses can advance practices for consensual separation even in the absence of support and assistance of the Solicitor. Only then filed an action for separation by mutual agreement, shall be developed and created the folder office and the President of the Court fixed by decree of the court where the spouses must appear in person (usually takes three/four months after the submission of the application).

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