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Solicitors work mainly in London-Rome Italy and in all areas that affect the criminal and administrative law to purely business manager. For this purpose and to better assist customers, the firm s Solicitors have transplanted in Lombardy three sites where the Firm is located, in London is one in which the body is present and effective operation where they operate all experienced specialists in this area.

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With the help and support provided by the valid specialists has been possible to provide customers with the Firm important and fundamental contribution of different disciplines to solve many problems (relating to accounting, taxation, finance, real estate, condominium industry, the medical area, and so on).

The work of the team is constituted by a management which plays a large number of disciplines and is characterized by the periodic training of the employees and with the use of high computational techniques that are able to put in contact with each other, in a real and concrete way, based on the different Lombardy.

Another peculiarity of the team is the professional performance to ensure the continued relationship of trust, clarity and level of client satisfaction which uses the employees present in the firm. The mission of the Firm is to: implement the work of the hole through an awareness of all new and modern.

To get in touch with our website, you must first go to your membership, it is free of charge and gives you access to many areas in the web page to be able to also benefit from online advice. Fiduciary protection and legal assistance in criminal procedures in the industry.

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Primary areas: protection and legal defense in criminal law. Defense and judicial support in criminal proceedings for any offenses. Drafting and presentation of complaints bodies of expertise. Support to the abused and establishment of a civil action.

Appeal for the arraignment of the accused person in front of the JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. in case you are involved in some criminal procedure is necessary to cite a SOLICITOR TRUST LAW EXPERT criminal, because what you are assigned office will not cure the most of your issues, and certainly will not have the necessary expertise to fully defend your positions and rights.

With regard to the law firm of Stella, which was founded in 1999, it offers protection and legal support, both in court and in the extrajudicial, in criminal and mainly relates to: criminal law in environmental matters, the Criminal Law in commercial, to criminal law, family law to criminal work, the computer criminal law, the criminal law of bankruptcy, the Criminal Law of finance, the criminal law of minors in criminal law impresario, the Criminal Law of the taxes, the Right prison Executive and criminal law on the protection of privacy, Immigration Law, Law on Narcotics Appeals of remedy for unlawful imprisonment, unintentional infractions related to road accidents, unintentional infractions related to professional negligence in general (fault in the medical area , the employer, the manager of the works, and so on).

The studio is located in the city of Rome Italy, but still managed to secure, by means of great collaborators ability, in criminal proceedings throughout the Italian territory. We need, then, experts on a technical level, investigators and assistants of all kinds for the continuation of defense investigations.

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Contact us in case of detention or criminal or civil problems. The law firm in London, New York, La Vegas, Rome, Naples, Milan, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and has over 15 foreign branches, is directed towards criminal and international law, a format for criminal lawyers mainly deals with the defense of people accused of crimes penalties such as drug trafficking, financial and economic crimes, white-collar crimes, murder, violence, rape and any type of crime. Contact us now for effective criminal defense.

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